What Does Ginga Mean?

What Does Ginga Mean?

Have you ever fallen in love with a term, but can’t find the perfect translation to capture it? That’s exactly how we feel about the Portuguese word, Ginga (pronounced jeen-ga). At Sol de Janeiro, we love our hair — and want you to love yours too! This means hair that's soft, strong, super-moisturized, and has an effortless sway. It’s how we all want our hair to feel and look every single day.

So what does ginga mean?

“Ginga is subtle and natural, yet very impactful,” explains Sol de Janeiro co-founder, Camila Pierotti. “[Traditionally] Brazilians use Ginga to describe the grace of soccer players on the field. Like how water is always moving, it’s not still, but it waves. It’s never stiff, it’s fluid, it sways — and now we are bringing that concept to hair.”

Sol de Janeiro is inspired by the rich beauty of Brazil — and in our approach to beauty, which is always positive, celebratory, and effortless. Like the word cheirosa, we want to expand how we think about the beauty and uniqueness of hair. As a brand that’s all about bringing joy and making you smile; we want to give the “gift of Ginga” to everyone across the globe.

“Ginga, as it relates to hair, is simultaneously very personal, yet a shared experience. We all have our own form of Ginga —so we celebrate ours and we celebrate everybody else's too,” adds Camila. To us, Ginga is that coveted, gorgeous sway that extends beyond your being…and into your hair. We’ve developed our Sol de Janeiro Hair Care Collection with exactly that in mind.

Ginga also comes to life through proven science and unique SOL-selected ingredients clinically proven to treat, nourish and transform hair. Carefully-sourced and tested ingredients work together to provide the most potent, hair-loving benefits including frizz reduction, heat protection, and split end repair — and of course, our patented SOL Seal Technology™.

“We want to give everyone the opportunity to find what works best for their hair. At every point, our products are taking care of your unique texture, starting with the base of cleansing and conditioning,” shares Camila. “Then, we have a deep conditioner which is like an extra treatment. Finally, we have our styling products, like the Brazilian Glossy™ Nourishing Hair Oil that also have benefits because caring for your hair is at the core of our philosophy.”

See what we mean? Ginga is a diverse term. It’s the way your curls bounce, coils jump, or waves ripple in the wind — but it always means soft to touch, healthy-looking, moisturized hair with effortless movement and sway you’ll love. Just like the French term, “je ne sais quoi,” Ginga is the secret sauce that effortlessly comes to Brazilians (and hopefully you!)