Triple Brazilian Butter ™ Hair Repair Treatment

These 3 Brazilian Butters Are The Key to Healthier-Looking Hair

Olá SOL Babes! After months of DIY treatments (and limited salon appointments), your hair likely needs some professional-grade TLC. Thankfully, caring for your hair doesn’t have to be complicated and counts as self-care. Meet our Triple Brazilian Butter Hair Repair Treatment, designed to intensely moisturize, repair, and smooth dry or damaged hair. 

Our mighty mask combines a medley of Brazilian butters (Cupuaçu, Murumuru, and Tucumã) for intensive hydration, deep nourishment, and increased resistance to breakage. To help you learn more, we wanted to do a deep dive into the four key ingredients  — and how exactly they work together.


Cupuaçu Butter

Fast Facts: Fortifying and frizz-fighting with essential healthy-hair fats.

How It Works: We love this butter because it promotes elasticity and durability (think, strength!). Damaged hair is brittle and lacks softness or movement, this actually brings hair back to life. The fatty acids found naturally in cupuaçu butter help deliver deep moisture thanks to super tiny molecules that penetrate the hair shaft. But don’t let this powerful ingredient fool you — it’s not heavy, so your hair won’t be weighed down. This rich butter also helps to protect hair from environmental damage, like the sun, which we also know can do a number on those delicate strands and cause color fading.


Murumuru Butter

Fast Facts: Rich in omega fatty acids for frizz control and to boost softness and shine. 

How It Works:  Beyond being super fun to say, murumuru is a super hydrating fat extracted from the fruit seeds. Considered a rich emollient for hair, a combination of lauric, myristic, and oleic acids helps to seal moisture directly into the cuticle. It keeps hair looking shiny and healthy-looking while cutting down on unwanted frizz.


Tucumã  Butter

Fast Facts: Locks in moisture, eases detangling, and helps protect against breakage. 

How It Works: We can’t get enough of Tucumã Butter because it gives your hair that much-needed “slip” during the detangling process. When your hair is wet, the follicles are actually stretched to the max — or, more effectively the breaking threshold. This butter helps your fingers, comb, or brush slide through the hair by coating strands without being greasy (or heavy!) It also prevents further breakage during rinsing, drying, styling, etc.


SOL Seal Technology™

Fast Facts:  Plant-based keratin targets hair damage and fuses together split ends

How It Works: Just like our Brazilian Joia™ Strengthening + Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, our treatment mask is formulated with our proprietary SOL Seal Technology™, proven to reduce 54% of breakage and mend up to 74% of split ends (p.s. when used together, hair is 2x as strong!

In essence, these plant-based keratin beads “seek out” damage in the hair shaft and split ends to start repairing it. These beads, if you will, mimic the building blocks of your hair (a.k.a. keratin!) Plus, when combined with our super-moisturizing hair repair mask, your hair gets the perfect balance of protein (for strength) and hydration (for flexibility, softness, movement, and resistance to breakage.)


We can’t wait for you to try it and tell us what you think. Happy masking!