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What is Conditioner and Why Should You Use It?

Peanut butter and jelly. Salt and pepper. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and pure unfiltered joy. Some pairs feel like they just go together — others, like shampoo and conditioner feel a bit more complex, like do you really need to use them in tandem? Most experts would agree yes… because conditioner works to restore and maintain moisture lost in the cleansing process.

Why should you use conditioner anyway? Because it can assist in softening and detangling hair, which ultimately helps prevent damage and breakage. Not to mention, thicker hair textures will have an easier time combing or brushing through before styling.

On the other hand, finer hair types might shy away from using conditioner altogether, but the key lies in frequency of usage—more on that below. Find out why this last (and final step) before you step out the shower might be the most important one.

How often should you really wash and condition your hair?

For this tip, it depends on your hair texture and who you ask. Density and thickness play a significant role in how often you really need to wash your hair. ICYMI: Over-washing your hair can rinse away beneficial oils that keep your hair healthy and prevents color fading over time.

While this choice is a purely personal preference, thick, curly, or tightly textured hair can wait up to five days before washing, while medium-to-fine hair typically is on a cadence of every other day. Regular conditioners should be used after every wash for 2 to 5 minutes, and deep conditioners or hair masks can be incorporated weekly and left in for 10 to 20 minutes.

Why you should use a conditioner

A great conditioner can be used for many reasons, like adding moisture, easing the detangling process, and making hair feel smoother, softer, and overall, more manageable.

Our new (and improved) Brazilian Joia™ Strengthening + Smoothing Conditioner is formulated with proprietary Sol Seal Technology™ clinically proven after one use:

  • 58% of damage repaired
  • 71% frizz reduction for 8 hours* 
  • Helps protect hair from future damage* 
  • 76% of split ends mended*  

*After Brazilian Joia™ Shampoo and Conditioner used together. In a clinical study when used as directed conducted by an independent 3rd party lab.  

With benefits like these, why wouldn’t you reach for a conditioner every single time you shampoo?

How to use a conditioner the right way

We get it. Wash day can be a little time consuming but rushing through this important step can lead to build-up, damage, or even breakage. After washing with a shampoo of your choice (we recommend our Strengthening + Smoothing Shampoo for fine to medium hair types), apply a generous amount of conditioner to mid-strands to ends. Thicker, fuller textures can use their fingers or a wide-tooth comb like SOL Yellow Wide Tooth Comb to help coat their hair in conditioner evenly.

Let your conditioner do its thing for 2 to 5 minutes, but if you need an extra boost allow to penetrate for up to 10 minutes. Drier, more damaged hair can opt for a deep conditioner (keep scrolling to read up on those!) Finally, remember to always rinse with cool, not hot, water to protect the scalp (p.s. remember it’s still skin), avoid raising the hair cuticle or make hair look dull.

How to use leave-in conditioners

Unlike traditional conditioners, leave-in conditioners don’t need to be rinsed out—a pro tip for those who want to take advantage of benefits like hydration, detangleing, frizz control, split end repair, and heat protection.

In terms of routine, after washing and conditioning, leave-in conditioners should be applied on damp hair before air drying or heat styling. Alternatively, leave-in conditioner can also be used on dry hair to refresh your hair in between washes.

Seriously, our timesaving Brazilian Joia ™ Milky Leave-In Conditioner helps streamline any hair routine from start to finish.

How to use deep conditioners

Dry, damaged hair often needs a bit more TLC after a wash (or two) which is where hair masks and deep conditioners come into play. Think of a mask like a supercharged version of your favorite conditioner. It's a must-have if you experience dryness, color-treat and/or heat-style your hair frequently.

Sol de Janeiro’s Triple Brazilian Butter™ Hair Repair Treatment delivers a luxurious moisture boost. It combines a medley of rich, nourishing butters (Cupuaçu, Murumuru, and Tucumã) with proprietary SOL Seal Technology™ to build amazing hair strength, repair split ends, and prevent future damage. It’s the perfect balance of moisture with the proteins your hair needs to thrive.

Use weekly in place of a traditional conditioner coating the hair from mid-shaft and focusing on the ends. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing out and styling hair as usual. For those with textured hair or anyone who heat-styles (i.e. blow-drying or flat ironing), reaching for a nourishing oil or leave-in conditioner helps prevent damage, ease detangling, and reduce frizz.

What would happen if you stopped using conditioners?

While your choice of conditioner doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment, it does make a difference within your haircare routine. Conditioners help provide nourishment and replenishment—if you skipped post-wash, you may find your hair feeling more prone to tangles and susceptible to breakage. It also may appear drier, duller, and rougher—and who even wants that? Since you already put in the work of washing your hair, there’s no reason to skip this 2-to-5-minute step. We promise, your hair will thank you later.

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