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Swipe Up to Cheirosa with our NEW Aluminum-free Deodorant

by Beatriz Zimmermann May 18, 2021

Swipe Up to Cheirosa with our NEW Aluminum-free Deodorant

In Brazil, we know a thing or two about hot weather, being active, and about smelling good. Put all those things together and of course we were destined to create a deodorant. We’re so excited to introduce you to Rio Deo Aluminum-free Deodorant, our new addition to the SOL collection and a new expression of our body care expertise – not to mention, Body Joy.

 Body Joy for our armpits? Absolutely.


The SOL way is to take care of every inch of our skin – and our underarms are no exception. Our aluminum and baking soda-free deodorant eliminates odor (all day) and keeps you smelling amazing. Of course, our Rio Deo comes in our iconic Cheirosa ’62 scent – and the scent lasts all day (yay!). But take note, our 98% naturally derived formula doesn’t mask odor with fragrance, it helps to prevent odor before it starts with bacteria-neutralizing Citric Acid Ester. And because we always take a natural approach to beauty and feeling good in our skin, we created a deodorant that embraces your body’s natural rhythms – combating odor exactly when you need it throughout the day.

In addition to Citric Acid Ester, we’ve added more body-loving ingredients for lots of body care benefits intended specially for your armpits.

Papaya Enzyme
Gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells which really helps to fight ingrown hairs and help even skin tone. 

Coconut Oil

Quickly melts into skin to soften, condition and moisturize. This multitasking ingredient has been loved by Brazilians for centuries for its healing and antimicrobial benefits.

Mango Seed Butter + Brazilian Bacuri Butter
Helps promote a strong skin barrier, soothes underarms, and protects against razor burn while calming skin.

Tapioca Starch
Extracted from the cassava plant in north and central-west Brazil, Tapioca Starch absorbs excess moisture to help keep underarms feeling dry.


 So, Why Do We Love Aluminum-Free?

Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts which plug of sweat ducts and that’s what keeps you from sweating. The tricky thing is, besides regulating body temperature, sweating is a really important way for our bodies to detox. Remember those natural rhythms we were talking about? Well, this is a big one.

 Thanks to our super effective blend of odor-blocking and total refresh ingredients (not to mention that amazing scent), your armpits can happily do what they’re supposed to do – breathe. Fun fact – sweat is actually odorless, but the bacteria that hangs out under our arms is not and that’s why our bacteria-neutralizing Citric Ester Acid is the star ingredient you’re going to love.


 Detox 101

You may have heard about that challenging antiperspirant to natural deodorant transition. During this time, it’s natural (and necessary) for our armpits to do some purging. That’s because when you first stop using an aluminum-based product those sweat glands finally have a chance to unplug – and that’s the signal to your body to start releasing toxins, aluminum (of course), and yes, perspiration, too. So, while this transition period may not seem fun at first, this is a good thing – it’s your body’s way to get back to a natural and balanced state. Our bodies are pretty smart.

We encourage you to hang in there and just know that this purging period will vary from person to person but will subside. How long does it take? That depends on your body chemistry. Generally, it can last for about a week and up to three weeks. Don’t be fooled into thinking a natural deodorant isn’t for you. Here’s more encouragement – our consumer testing revealed that 90% of participants who were interested in making the switch to an aluminum-free deodorant said our Rio Deo eliminated odor all day.*  

There are some tips to make the switch a breeze (or at least, a whole lot easier) – exfoliate. This helps to removes dead skins cells that can settle on top the aluminum plug over time. By exfoliating, you’re allowing pores to release the aluminum more quickly. Our Bum Bum Body Scrub, made with crushed cupuaçu seeds, and ultra-fine sugar crystals is effective and gentle, making it perfect for this area.


All set to add some more cheirosa to your life? Our soft-glide, no-residue Rio Deo is ready – and all you need is one to two swipes. Swipe up to cheirosa – any time – even at bedtime to let its active ingredients work overnight. Your skin – and your bed mate – will thank you.

Want more info? Our head of Product Innovation dives deeper in this video - check it out!

We hope you enjoy this whole new way to more BODY JOY. 

*In a consumer study of 102 participants conducted by an independent 3rd party lab when used daily for 21 days.

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