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The Amazon is Our Heart

by Sol de Janeiro Team September 04, 2019

The Amazon is Our Heart

Every day we celebrate beauty with products thoughtfully created with sustainable ingredients that never impact the beauty and integrity of the Amazon Rainforest. Sol de Janeiro proudly partners with ECOCERT and NSRC certified ingredient suppliers, who comply with the strictest standards to preserve the Amazon. 

But we want to do more.  

For the month of September, we’re donating 100% of the profits from our Amazon is Our Heart Set to Rainforest Action Network which gives directly to the frontline communities fighting to stop the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest.

(You can also donate directly here)

If you already love our products, it’s time to show. We believe in beauty –for good.

As the world's largest rainforest, the Amazon provides 20% of our oxygen, houses 10% of the planet's biodiversity, and helps stabilize the global climate. 

We are heartbroken by the devastating fires affecting Brazil and impacting our planet. 

Please join us in showing love for the Amazon. 

(Some other organizations doing good work for the Amazon: @amazonwatch + @amazonconservationteam)


Photography courtesy of @luizaferraz

6 Responses


October 11, 2019

So inspiring

Deolinda White

October 10, 2019

Thank you for caring sharing this info thru Facebook.
Maureen Lambert

October 08, 2019

I love that you are giving back

Cheri Roberts

October 08, 2019

I really am happy that these events are going on & glad to be a customer


October 07, 2019

I’m so happy to support the cause by being able to purchase sustainable products from this company and being able to directly support the efforts to help the Amazon Rainforest.


September 23, 2019

Can we share the link to donate on social media ?

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